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Lest We Forget

Everyone, So much of our conversation during this pandemic has focused on sacrifice. The ongoing actions, large and small, that we are collectively and personally required to do to stop the spread of this coronavirus and to keep ourselves and our community safe. Today we solemnly remember, reflect upon, and [...]

COVID-19 Update – November 2, 2020

Everyone, Halloween was effectively cancelled here in Toronto this past weekend. The trick-or-treating was deemed imprudent given the recent resurgence of COVID-19 cases. There were still pumpkins and decorations and some kids prowling round in costumes during the daytime but the excitement was noticeably absent when the sun set. It [...]

COVID-19 Update – October 9, 2020

Everyone, We celebrate Thanksgiving this weekend here in the Great White North. Technically speaking, the holiday is on Monday but no one gets too fussy about when the celebratory meal occurs. Though transformed by modern convenience, Thanksgiving is an ancient tradition. Indigenous peoples in North America have a history of [...]

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